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At most schools, the principal is the school leader responsible for non-instructional functions. Not here. Every one of our schools has an operations team, led by the director of operations, that takes care of all of that vital work.

And our operations professionals are some of the most efficient people you can find. They take care of everything from bus scheduling and facilities management to finances and attendance analysis. Their strong work allows our principals and deans to focus on instruction, observation, and coaching. Because of their support, students, teachers, and leaders thrive.


    “I enjoy making sure the whole child is looked after so their brains can be ready to learn. I’m not just behind the scenes directing, I’m directly involved in every aspect of school.”

    Florisca Carter, Director of School Operations, AF Bridgeport Academy Elementary

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    “Each day is different. There are different challenges, but there are also a lot of reasons to laugh and smile. ”

    Zenon Halatyn, Student Services Manager, AF North Brooklyn Prep Middle

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    “When I see the kids, I see myself. I was the kid who came from another country and didn’t know English.”

    Andrea Summers, Regional Director of Operations

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