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Our scholars are always growing, learning, and showing the amazing things they can accomplish. With hard work and focus, Jadiel, a seventh-grader at AF Providence Middle, grew TWO levels in his ELA state exams. We sat down with Jadiel to learn more about his growth and future plans.

Tell us about yourself.
I’m in seventh grade. I love playing video games like Madden NFL and NBA 2K. I also love playing and watching football. My favorite teams are the Vikings, Ravens, and Browns.

What is your favorite part about school?
I like how our teachers help us be better students. They give us feedback, and we talk about it so we can improve. I really like history class because I like learning about things that happened in the past. Right now, we’re studying the Boston Tea Party and the Boston Massacre. I also like that we can work on the computer. We have a booklet with questions, and we go on computers to answer all the questions.

That’s awesome! So we heard you improved by two levels on your ELA exams. Congratulations! How did you feel when you found out?
I felt surprised because I know I tried my best and worked really hard, but I didn’t know I did that well. I stayed more focused and took it more seriously this year. It’s important to do well on tests because then you will learn to do better in other areas.

Definitely! What advice would you give other students who want to improve in school?
I would tell them what my mom always says: “There is a time to play—like breaktime or at the end of the school day—but you have to stay focused during all your classes.” She tells me to really value my education and take school seriously because it will make me smarter. I agree!

That’s great advice! Last question—what do you want to be when you grow up?
I want to be an airplane engineer because I like building things and doing mechanical work. Sometimes, I help my mom at home by fixing things around the house like the TV since I like technology, too. One day, I want to build a plane!

We can’t wait to hear all about it when you do! Thank you for sharing, Jadiel!

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